A more spacious steam room with a slightly smaller front room is the most preferred combination of our customers. You can choose whether the washing corner in the steam room is separated from the sauna platform by a wall, ect.

Sauna planning


2.5m x 4.2m
2300 kg
Suitable for
max 3 person
Heating time
up to 30 days
Firewood length
30 cm
Sauna stage
240m x 360m

The base
price includes:

High-quality wall parts made of 44 mm wood
Steam room ceiling insulation
Ventilation openings
Opening window with bronze-coloured glass
Strong and lifting-resistant impregnated wooden base frame
High-quality exterior door with glass window in bronze colour
Heat-resistant 2-step i.e. wooden sauna platform
Tempered bronze-colored glass sauna door
Sloping floor with grooves facilitating water drainage
Large steam room window facilitating a great view
Heat-resistant wooden bench in the front room
High-quality SBS roof burned with parapet sheet
Drainage into the ground or sewer/water tank through a 110 mm connection.

List of included options

Exterior finish
color: "Hazel"

Interior finish with sauna wax (Dark color)

Without shower corner

Harvia Legend Greenflame

Harvia Legend Greenflame

Water kit

Water Kit 180€

Without shower corner

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Delivery information


We build the sauna house according to the extras you choose. (~2-3 weeks)

Planning Delivery

We arrange an installation date with you and book the transport and installation. (~1 week)

Transport & Installation

We prepare the ground using Fibo blocks before the transport arrives and we lift the sauna house onto the prepared base. (~1 day)

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