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Why choose Raum?

The Raum sauna is your refuge, where you can take time off and fully enjoy the moment.

Made of high-quality Nordic wood, this modular sauna is really durable and will stay with you for many years to come.

If an effective design (e.g. igloo, egg and tube saunas) sometimes compromises in terms of ease of use, we prioritized your comfort when designing the Raum sauna.

The Raum sauna stage is spacious enough for you to comfortably sit there and support your back.

Are you considering building a sauna yourself? A ready-made sauna is a much simpler solution.

Raum’s saunas are manufactured in the factory according to strict quality standards. In this way, you will escape from the construction site sprawling in the yard, the trouble of looking for craftsmen and the stress of missed deadlines.

Raum saunas do not require a building permit. Simply choose a suitable sauna and submit the order.

We have made it easy for you to assemble the sauna set – there are just as many options as you need and the final price is displayed immediately. You can get a complete sauna house solution finished from end to end.

The transport price also includes installation, so you can start enjoying the pleasures of the sauna the same evening.

PS! We can easily transport the sauna anywhere in Europe, because the well-measured parts can be transported without a special permit.

Raum saunas are of such high quality that we give them a 5-year warranty.

If you discover any errors with the product, let us know immediately so that we can come and eliminate the defects quickly.

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Check out our saunas

Our saunas –>

If you are still not sure whether Raum’s modular sauna is the best option, you can rent our sauna for a test run.

Sauna houses that have already found a home

Here you can find some already completed sauna houses.

DIY or choose
a ready-made sauna?

Before you decide, think carefully about all aspects. Building the sauna yourself may seem more affordable, but as a rule, it is not.

You build it yourself/
have it built:

  • icon It requires thorough planning, from the floor plan to the sequence of works
  • icon A building permit may need to be applied for
  • icon Deadlines tend to stretch, as is often the case in construction
  • icon Unpredictable build quality that also depends on the weather
  • icon 100% free choice in terms of design and furnishings

When you choose the
Raum modular sauna:

  • icon No planning or design required
  • icon A building permit is not required
  • icon You don’t have to look for builders yourself
  • icon The final price of the sauna is known immediately
  • icon There is no mess or construction debris around the house

Want to try before you buy?

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If you are still not sure whether Raum’s modular sauna is the best option, you can rent our sauna for a test run.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find your answer? Email us at karl@raum.ee

Because all the saunas in our product range have an area of less than 20 m², which is where the obligation for a building permit begins. If, for example, you start building a sauna yourself and exceed this limit, you must apply for a building permit for the sauna.

Quality is very important, because there is a lot of moisture in the sauna, and moisture can damage the wood.

If the modular sauna is assembled from too thin walls, the walls may become curved. In the case of poorly managed water drainage, the floor is at risk of water damage, which can lead to mold and/or rot.

Our saunas do not need a foundation. We place the transported sauna on the ground, which we prepare ourselves using Fibo blocks. Soil preparation is included in the installation price. All you have to do is indicate where you want your sauna.

The cost of transport depends on the location where you want us to deliver your sauna. On the order form page, you can specify your location and immediately see the price of the transport.

We deliver the sauna with a large truck and lift it down with a small crane.

If it should happen that the place where you want to place the sauna cannot be reached by car, we have to rent a large crane. In this case, an additional fee must be considered.

We can also bring the sauna to other parts of Europe. As Raum saunas are compact, no special permit is required for their transport.

“While the concept of a modular sauna was appealing to me, I was initially concerned about the quality and durability of the product. However, after using it for several months, I can confidently say that I am very satisfied with my purchase.”
Talan Lubin