Now available saunas

Sauna house 5 max 6 person
Sauna house 5 max 6 person

Still hesitating to buy?

If you are not 100% sure to buy a sauna yet, you can also rent a Raum sauna.

You choose whether for a month, for the whole summer or even for the whole year. If you start to like the sauna, you can buy it at the price of its residual value. We calculate the rental amount from the final price.

Sauna in a holiday home or caravan park

Installed saunas are ideal for (seasonal) accommodation service providers.

Make your holiday home or caravan park more attractive by adding a stylish and comfortable Raum sauna for the peak season. By offering a paid sauna service, you can earn a hefty extra.

Free transport with annual rental

For a shorter period you have to pay extra for the transport and installation of the sauna, but in the case of an annual rental agreement, the transport and installation are already included in the rental price.

Buy now

If you like one of the saunas offered for rent and want to buy it right away, you can certainly do so.

A pre-loved sauna is cheaper than a new sauna. Besides, you can get it much faster - even tomorrow.