Sauna house 5

This sauna house has two functional rooms: in one you can steam and wash, in the other you can get dressed and enjoy cold drinks.

Sauna planning


2.5m x 5.2m
2300 kg
Suitable for
max 6 person
Heating time
1-2 hours
Firewood length
30 cm
Sauna stage

The base
price includes:

High-quality wall parts made of 44 mm wood
Strong and lifting-resistant impregnated wooden base frame
2-step sauna platform made of thermal wood
Sloping floor with water drain
Steam room ceiling insulation
High-quality exterior door with bronze glass window
Tempered bronze-colored glass sauna door
Large steam room window facilitating a great view (insulated bronze glass)
2 opening windows (tilt and turn, insulated bronze glass)
Thermowood benches in the front room
High-quality SBS roof burned with parapet sheet

List of included options

Exterior finish
Tikkurila Valtti Arctic (Grey)

Interior finish with sauna wax

Harvia Legend Greenflame

Harvia Legend water heater 25L

Water kit

Shower kit

Electrical connection and solar powered electrical system

Buy now for €12,760 or rent for €340 per month


Delivery information

Planning Delivery

We arrange an installation date with you and book the transport and installation. (~1 week)

Transport & Installation

We prepare the ground using Fibo blocks before the transport arrives and we lift the sauna house onto the prepared base. (~1 day)

Free transport with annual rental

For a shorter period you have to pay extra for the transport and installation of the sauna, but in the case of an annual rental agreement, the transport and installation are already included in the rental price.